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The Urban Jungle (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

After landing, I hurriedly dropped my bags off at my Air BnB because I had already planned a morning excursion. The "Jungle in the City" tour. John (the host) met me at a nearby McDonald and we walked over to the "jungle". He pointed out many places as we were walking. Statues, paintings, churches to name a few. He explained the Malaysian culture and what it made up of the most. I learned so many new things, symbols, the country bird and flower. The jungle experience itself was impressive. We first went through a small walk through exhibit where he explained to me about the Rafflesia and other animals we may come across, seeing/hearing. After the exhibit house we entered the jungle and up we went to the canopy walk. Probably my favorite part, of course. Now let me tell you, climbing up the stairs leading to the Canopy Walk in the humidity was difficult, but it was worth it! He showed me some pretty cool trees. The bleeding tree and rubber tree were the coolest.

Fun Fact: Air Asia's tires come from the rubber trees Malaysia produces.

This tour guide was thought out and not only was John knowledgeable, he was ready with equipment, binoculars, water, mosquito repellent, and even some light snacks. Note: Buy mosquito repellent and water beforehand. (Provided link at the bottom of this page)

(1st Photo: Canopy Bridge of "the jungle in the city" walk)

Before returning to my hotel I decided on a quick stop over at the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Exhausted, I decided not to go up and admired KL tower from the ground.

(2nd Photo: Kuala Lumpur Tower)

When I got back to my hotel I wanted so much to check out the infinity pool on the 51st floor. (The main reason why I chose this hotel was for the view at the infinity pool) The hotel I stayed at is called The Platinum Face Suites Hotel. (Provided link at the bottom of this page)

(3rd photo view at the 51st floor infinity pool of hotel)

51st floor infinity pool

Check out that impeccable view of both, Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers.

It took weeks to find the perfect hotel for me. I stumbled across this similar view on Pinterest and checked out which hotel it was in. I found it and even though Malaysia had cheap hotels I opted for this one. It was pricier than most hotels in the area but I could not pass up that view. During my search of hotels, I found out that people buy units in this hotel to put up on airbnb. The prices was cut more than half the price the hotel website was asking. So I highly recommend using airbnb.

Here's the plus: Use my link and score $40 credit towards your stay anywhere. (Link at the bottom of page)

(4th photo: Entrance of Batu Cave)

The next day, I had planned a tour to the Batu Caves. It was as beautiful as pictures portrayed.

Climb the stairs to the top, tour the insides, take the photos; however, be respectful as people who are the religion hindu do travel to the caves for prayers.

Entering the area, I noticed a ton of monkeys just freely walking and climbing the stairs.

Might I add that the monkeys go absolutely crazy over bananas. Do not bring that as a snack unless there is intentions of offering it to the monkeys.

(5th photo: Monkey family)

Climbing the stairs was exhausting, and not to mention, very humid. Do not forgot to bring water. If you forget, there are a bunch of stores right before you make your way up the stairs.

After the Batu Caves, our tour guy took us to a local batik factory. There, experts artisans made these amazing art on silk using wax and colorful dyes. It was available to be purchased as well.

(6th photo: Batik Artist)

My final day in the city, I had planned to visit the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

Note: Buy a ticket weeks, even months in advance before visiting the towers. (Provided link at the bottom of this page)

Not only is it time limited, a certain amount of people are allowed up at the same time. If you miss your ticket time (like I sadly did), you would be lucky if the group after you has some spaces to fill.

(7th photo: The view looking up from the Petronas twin towers)

(8th Photo: standing in the 86th floor, looking over at the other tower)

Read my second half of my trip, (the retreat out of the city) on my next entry. COMING SOON.


My link of $40 credit for airbnb first timers --> $40 off Air Bnb

Tips: Download the App GRAB on your smartphone. (What they use for transportation it is similar to Uber/Lyft)

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