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THE adventure (Whistler, British Colombia, Canada)

Can I just start off with the truth? Whistler was honestly one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. My lovely coworker and I, took 5 hours to drive through the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler from Vancouver. She was smart and allotted us 2 extra hours to stop over at the scenic places. (Note: our last stop was Bear Foot Bistro) Our first spontaneous stop was at Clear Lake. Coming from two island girls, it astonished us to find a lake that was still. A complete reflection was in the water itself. If I were to turn my photo upside down, there is no way telling if the photo was right side up.

(1st photo: Clear Lake)

(2nd Photo: Shannon Falls)

We decided not to plan out a full itinerary for the extra couple of hours. Considering we would be driving on the "Sea to Sky Highway", we knew there would be plenty of scenic spots.

Our second stop was Shannon falls. It was a little walk leading up to it. (Easy enough that I walked in boots that had a 2 1/2 inch heel). A river lead up to the falls. There is a sea to sky gondola ride at this scenic spot. Make sure to take this opportunity to ride it, as it is our only regret of not doing.

Whilst driving this highway, we could not help but stare in awe at the snow capped mountains. It was hard capturing a photo on the road until we stopped at a scenic spot that allowed us to take in all that beauty.

(3rd photo): Snow capped mountains Tantalus


Our last stop before reaching Whistler was Brandywine Falls. To get to the falls was about a 15-20 minute walk. This time, it was much more scenic. Imagine walking under an old forest with towering trees, alongside a rushing creek. We came across railroad tracks just before reaching a platform where you would be able to see the stunning waterfall cascading down. A breathtaking view of Daisy Lake is in the distance.

(4th photo: Creek)

(5th photo: Railroad tracks)

(6th photo: I wanted a photo with the canopy of trees)

(7th photo: Brandywine falls)

We continued on our journey to finally reach Whistler. However, we did not stop there just yet.

Passing Whistler, we ended up in Pemberton. Here we stopped at Joffre Lakes. Parking here is horrible. There is a decent lot, but it will most likely be full. Be ready to park on the edge of road and walking over to the site.

To get to the lake, you must again take a short walk in the woods. Note that there is a Upper Joffre Lake, and a Lower Joffre Lake with hiking trails and camp sites. We did not make it to the upper because we were not in hiking attire. The lower lake was easy enough that I yet again, did it in heels.

(8th photo: Lower Joffre Lakes)

Picture a day filled with adventures with impeccable views, everything was picture perfect. After taking hundreds of photos, we made our way down back to Whistler.

What is in Whistler if we were not there for snow activities you may ask? On upon coming to Canada, my colleague did some research and came across a Vodka Tasting experience in a -25 degrees F cellar. Before entering the cellar they provided thick parkas. Inside, you are able to decide on 4 vodka shots of your choice. Vodka from all around the world. The experience was great, I couldn’t feel the burn from the alcohol at all.

(9th photo In the -25 cellar with Kapu (Coworker))

Vodka tasting cellar

As you can tell we did not go in winter. We went in late September when it about 58-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have yet to come when it snows, but I will save that for another great adventure!

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