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Suspension Bridge and Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada)

How do you feel about being suspended 50 meters(165 feet) high? What if I told you it would be above a river, with a rushing waterfall to the side? With what, you may ask? With a bridge!! Yes, it does sway a little but if you think you're ballsy enough, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is the place to visit.

(1st Photo:

Suspension Bridge

Friendly tip: Go as early as possible.

Not only will you have most of the park to yourself, you would be able to experience the mist that only happens in the early morning. The bridge gets crowded the later in the day you go.

Arriving around 7:30 AM, there were a couple of people getting a start on their morning workout routine. Did I mention the park has a few hiking trails that will lead you to waterholes to swim in, and waterfalls?

Clear water

(2nd Photo: 30 ft. pool. I did hike around in heels and I am proud to say that I did not once fall over *grins)

Check out the 30 ft. pool. The water is unbelievably clear that you could see the rocks all the way to the bottom. Don't let that fool you, it could get deep without warning.

I watched a couple people jump in, mind you it was about 60 degrees F. Way too cold for this island girl.

(3rd photo: The boardwalk after the bridge and toward the hikes)

Considering this whole place was a hike, we decided not to venture any further. We looped back and headed towards the bridge. Food was on our mind, and a little cafe in the park filled our tummies. When In British Colombia, try Poutine. It's fries with cheese curds topped with gravy, we had shredded pork on top of ours and it was pretty damn good! Don't forget to also try Tim Horton's! I'm not a fan of coffee, but their hot chocolate was on point.

After our nature hike, we decided to explore Canada Place the entire afternoon.

(4th Photo)

Our plans consisted of meeting my best friend who had recently moved to British Colombia at a restaurant near by for dinner. We made our way around the area, very slowly. Popping in souvenir stores to an art museum and famous hotels in the city. If you have the time, I recommend to walk around the busy city for a bit. There are quite a few interesting streets. (Gastown and Davie street)

(5th Photo: My lovely coworker Kapu and I next to the seaplane dock)

With our tight schedule, we did not make time to experience flight on a sea plane this time around.

The day was coming to an end and we were once again starving and finally met up with my best friend, Lisa. She had made reservations at a popular Restaurant called, Club Cactus. It was not an actual club, but a real nice contemporary setting restaurant. Dim lighting, and expansive. We got a booth smack in the middle of the right portion of the restaurant. The only down side about this was the bathroom. As much as it was a pretty bathroom, it was all the way at the opposite end and down a flight of stairs. Our waiter was friendly, and gave us awesome food recommendations. The food was great and I loved the lobster ravioli. Make sure to try this place, I give it two thumbs up!

(6th Photo: Photo of Kapu, Lisa, and I)

Extra Information: We stayed at an Air Bnb.

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