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Hot Air Ballooning Over Texas Hill Country

Weather was finally on our side. Me and my boyfriend have been waiting for this moment. We woke up before the crack of dawn, packed a couple bags of beef jerky and caffeine then off we went on an hour drive from Cedar Park to San Marcos, Texas. We flew with

From there we checked in and watched the crew unfold the flat balloon to inflate.

(First photo: Our Captain filling air into the balloon with heat)

(Second photo: Just us waiting around for balloon inflation)

(Third photo: Balloon finally inflated and about 10 of us got on board before lift off - me and boyfriend in the left corner)

In the balloon we had our own section, which was nice. Though I do think that is how they do their weight and balance.

My boyfriend was a bit afraid of heights so I gave him some props on this adventure because he faced his fear with me. I have to admit, floating up takes a couple minutes to adjusting to before it sails smoothly.

When we finally got to the peak we got to see land that stretches out as far as the eye can see. Deers and cattle running free as they please. The best part, that Texas sunrise marking another beautiful day.

(Fourth photo: Texas sun)

We floated to a nearby city (Kyle, Texas) into an empty field before landing. From there we became a part of the crew by helping out. We folded the balloon and packed it away before cheering with a glass of orange juice (everyone else had mimosa).

Something to keep in mind when booking itineraries like this is the fact that weather can change. Always read the company's policy. With that said, they are allowed to cancel and KEEP your money to reschedule for another time. Whether that be during your stay in the area or not. Fair warning, these fun companies need to run their show and most likely wont issue a re-fund. Be mindful that you are able to return or transfer the voucher to another friend if weather does permit.

Prior to this adventure we had to rebook 9 months later because of rainy weather (and even then we rebooked 1 more time 2 days after that due to low clouds). We were able to reschedule up to 2 years.


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