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Is my butterfly a Male or Female?

This will be very easy to spot once I show you what to look for.

Take a look at these photos. Can you spot the differences?

The first photo is of the male and the second photo is the female. Males come with two spots, one on each inner lower quadrant of their wings. The lines of their wing pattern are thin unlike the females.

Females have very thick lines on their wing pattern and come with no spots.

From my knowledge you cannot determine the sex when in caterpillar form. In chrysalis form it is possible, however; difficult unless you had a magnifying glass x10. There is a part at the top of the chrysalis that has a brief vertical line meaning is a female. If this line is absent it is a male.

That is all! Now all you need to do is raise some caterpillars and watch it form! Good luck.


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