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Suburban Retreat to AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort (Sepang, Malaysia)

While on vacation, being in the city could be a little overwhelming. AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort was the perfect getaway. After a 1 hour drive out of KLCC, the next stop was Sepang.

Once entering the resort, calming waters with the most relaxing atmosphere greets all its guest.

I could already tell my stay here would be peaceful.

(1st photo: The entrance of the resort)

Don't let it fool you, the outside portrays a small lobby, however; pass that are 392 incredible villas all made to form a palm tree from an aerial view.

(2nd photo: photos of the villas.) Calming waters with relaxing classical music surround the area. The villas stretch out quite a bit, a bike was offered to get around. There were designated bike parking spaces next to each villa. The other option they had other than walking was what they called a "buggy" which is an extended golf cart with a driver to drive each person to where ever they desired on villa grounds.

I loved the rooms. I loved that the water was right there, how it included a big enough table for you to have your meals and then lay back and relax gazing off into the waters. Don't let the lacy part of the bed fool you for just it's looks but it also transforms into a mosquito net! Pretty great if you ask me! I did not have the need to use it the entire time there. I did get bit once, although nothing a repellent couldn't take care of.

(3rd photo: Inside my Villa) In the mornings, they offered free breakfast.. and that wasn't the best part.. it was an all you can eat breakfast! Everything was delicious, and they even had a chef preparing omelets anyway it was desired.

The saying of asian countries having the best yet very cheap spas or massage treatments? Well Malaysia has it too. I visited the Avani spa at this resort. I believe I spent around 25 US dollars to get a face massage and then a manicure! My face felt so refreshed after being in the harsh sun all week. It was a nice way to end my vacation. What I regret was not checking out the spa sooner since it had a very nice hot tub you could use to oneself for free. The resort also has an infinity pool and gym near the buffet area that was quite relaxing (because it was empty half the time).

(4th photo: Infinity pool)

Some of the extra things I loved that this resort had were: free transportation to and from KLCC and to the mall. There were specified times when to meet at the lobby and when to come back to the bus, so making sure the itinerary was in check was crucial. The mall had very good deals, because it is a warmer climate country, anything long sleeves or warm were the cheapest! Face masks and face products were also deals on deals!

Water activities were available in the day time that looked incredibly fun. I sadly didn't join in on the fun with that due to being a solo traveler. It required 2 or more persons to enjoy. So I just basked in the ambiance on the beach with a dragonfruit drink. (5th photo)

Fun fact: the water actually dries out through out the day and the tide comes back during the early evening. If you're lucky you might even catch a lightning storm at night. I was in my villa during the time thankfully when I encountered one. Definitely do not want to be caught outside in one of these. The storm was right above the resort that the lightning and thunder actually scared me a little so I turned up the volume on my TV. 20 min later the storm passed, and this is actually so normal there.

The resort offered free activities you could join in through out the day, such as yoga. There were plenty of things to do in the resort but If it was some wandering outside the resort you wanted, they offered a river cruise and exploring a typical Malaysian village as well.

AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort -- highly recommend, and it doesn't break the bank for sure!


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