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Chinese Friendship Garden & Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia)

On my third and last day in Sydney, I decided to wander through the city to find the Chinese Friendship Garden. I walked right in after paying the $6.00 entry fee. To my delight, when entering I didn't find myself in a crowd, like I had expected. It was quite enjoyable and very peaceful to go through without having to deal with much foot traffic. Plenty of photo ops for sure! I spent around 1-hour taking pictures and sitting around taking in the ambiance.

(1st photo: Overlooking the pond, near the entrance)

(2nd Image: A Mini Waterfall in Chinese Friendship Garden)

What I enjoyed the most was the idea of a peaceful garden in middle of a city. Complete tranquility when you need it, whether you are a local or a tourist.

(3rd Photo: A walk way leading to various parts in the garden)

After the garden, I decided to go to Bondi beach. I took the metro bus to get there, using an opal card that I bought from a convenience store. The convenience stores were easy to find because they are on almost every block in the city.

(4th photo: a mural on the Bondi beach walk)

The metro bus stopped in front of Bondi beach. Walking towards Bondi you will see murals painted against the walk way. I found one that I fancied, so I asked a stranger to take my photo, (yes I'm short).

(5th Photo: Bondi Beach)

Fun fact: Bondi is an aboriginal word that means "water breaking over rocks" or "nose of water breaking over the rocks".

It's a nice beach in the city. Might I add, there is also a nice jogging path along the stretch of beaches.

(6th Photo: Iceberg Pool)

Before the walk to the next beach, there was a magnificent view of the Iceberg pools beside the ocean. I traveled in April, which is the beginning peak of winter for Australia. As you can see, there were not many people taking a dip in the cold waters.

(7th photo: the walk way to the next beach)

Knowing I had a limited time before my flight back home, I decided not to continue onto the next beach.

(8th photo Mural of paintings walking back to the metro bus)

I wish I could of stayed longer to bask in the Australian sun. If you have the time, or find yourself in need of relaxation on your visit to Sydney, these are great recommendations.

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