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The adventure out of the city! 3 Sisters, Scenic World, and Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, AUS)

My 2nd day in Sydney, I actually booked a full day excursion trip out of the city. 5 things in 1 whole day! How could I resist. I had to meet my tour bus group at a more centralize hotel in the city, so I set out to find it. In my previous post I explained how I am very bad at reading maps. Well, I got lost again and when I finally got to the tour bus the driver said they almost left me!*tear.

3 sisters

(1st Image: 3 Sister rock formation)

Thankfully I made it in time and we set out to our first destination, which was a 45 min drive to Echo Point Katoomba. There we saw the "3 sisters" rock formation in the Blue Mountains of the Jamison Valley. Yes, yes... I know what you're thinking. Why are the rocks called 3 sisters and were the mountains really blue? The "3 sisters" is an aboriginal story of three sisters that took the form of stone. No. the mountains are not really blue. They took on the name Blue Mountain because from a distance it looks blue. The valley is home to thousands of Eucalyptus trees (the shit Koalas eat) and the suns heat disperses eucalyptus oil from the leaves into the air which then light causes the mist to look blue against the mountains .

(2nd Image:Scenic World)

Scenic World

Up next was Scenic World. From the viewing area of the "3 sisters" we took the the Skyway. It went across from one mountain to another. Can you imagine a see through glass beneath you while moving and looking down thousands of feet?! To be honest, I didn't know what the fuck I was getting myself into when I was choosing my excursions. I just thought, " Oh I get to see the Blue Mountains & 3 sisters, then take a bunch of ride up and down the mountain." If you're afraid of heights this might actually make you shit your pants.

From there you have a choice of going down the mountain with the Railway. or a downward going Cableway. It didn't matter which one you choose because you would end up taking the other one back up after a mini hike in the woods.

(Image 3: Cable way)

These are incredibly steep, with magnificent views. The railway is the steepest incline in the world. It felt like a roller coaster, only better because it was on a real mountain. Surely you'd like to experience that. (Image 4: Inclined Railway, most steep in the world. Yes there is more after that dark tunnel)

I know in the photos it may look like I'm exaggerating. Really, the photos did not do justice of showing the incline.

After Scenic World, the tour included lunch by Katoomba Falls, where I got to know the people in my tour guide better. Sadly, I got no photos of the falls since it was a hike down to see it. It was no biggie, since the next stop was Featherdale Wildlife Park to visit Kangaroos and Koalas. I was literally waiting for this moment all day.

(Image 5: Feeding a young Kangaroo)

Mr. Roo over here, didn't quite smell nice. Nor did the rest of his family, but I will forever be glad he was nice and didn't do a kanga kick on me while I fed him.

(6th Image: Penguins)

I love birds, so I had to check out these cute penguins. There was a flock of them and they would follow each other everywhere! There were also reptiles and snakes of sorts. I did not favor them one bit so I moved on from that exhibit quickly. This lizard reminded me of the ones in the movie Holes. (7th Image: Lizard)


(8th Image: Photo with sassy Koala)


This was the moment I was waiting for. I just couldn't believe I was in Australia meeting a Koala, how more legit could it get?! Picture time with this sassy boy consisted of wanting his bum petted. They were all too cute, but so lazy.

The day was coming to an end and the last thing that was left for us to do was go back into the city...via boat. Cruising down the Parramatta River into Sydney Harbour. Sight seeing from the Harbour was beautiful, a ton of photo ops passing mansions and the Sydney Bridge.

(9th Image: Photo of Sydney Bridge & Luna Park from ship)

This was a very good excursion. I recommend it 100%. I bought this tour on

Might I add that even though I went to Sydney with intentions of being alone the entire time, I met some very nice people on this excursion. I ended up partnering up with a lovely young lady who lives across the world in Manchester the entire time. We were the only ones in our tour traveling alone and we exchanged Facebook & Instagram to keep in touch. That, ladies and gentlemen, is is how to have friends who are across the globe!

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