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Sydney, Australia (City Walking)

(1st Image: Archibald Fountain)

After adventuring for a few days in NZ, I traveled to my last destination of my vacation, Sydney, Australia. After checking into my hotel, I was super excited to see the Opera house so I set out to get lost in the city trying to find it. What I mean by getting lost? I am real bad at reading maps.

(2nd Image: A selfie with the Archibald Fountain & St. Mary Cathedral Church)

While on my way to find the Sydney Opera House, I walked through Hyde Park and I found the Archibald Fountain. I stopped to appreciate the beautiful statues.

St. Mary Cathedral Church

(3rd image: St. Mary Cathedral Church)

The St. Mary Cathedral Church was just across the street of the Hyde Park & Archibald Fountain. The church had striking Romanesque Architecture that I could not resist and had to check it out.

It was stunning inside and out!

(4th Image: Inside of St. Mary Cathedral)

St. Mary Cathedral Church

Remember how I said I was bad at reading maps? I ended up taking the longest walk across the city. I even stopped by the mall to eat. I was at the opposite side of where the Sydney Opera House was located and found Darling Harbour instead. The walk to the other end of the bridge looked endless. I was quite exhausted and was more interested in finding the Opera House so I decided not to walk any further and turn back.

Darling Harbour

(5th Image: Darling Harbour Bridge)

While walking back I asked a local to point me in the direction of the Opera house. I did not want to rely on my shitty map reading skills any longer. Thankfully her directions were good enough that I found it within 30 min of walking and I was definitely not disappointed. I was in complete awe! The Opera house, the Sydney Bridge... Iconic places and I was standing right in front of it! Thousands of people were there, and I somehow got a nice picture of myself with both icons on my go pro. Doesn't it look like a painting behind me?

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House

(6th Image: Selfie with Sydney Bridge & Opera House)

If you continue to walk towards the Opera House there is an outdoor bar & restaurant. Considering on what I thought was an amazing moment of my life, I stopped for a glass of Rose`. I sat next to the harbor, alongside with the seagulls. Didn't realize those birds were big, and unlike most birds they looked so clean. A little wild though, they had no problem swooping down to pick fries off your plate if you had any in the open.

I sat there thinking about how blessed I was to be able to have the courage to travel alone and experience everything up until that very moment. That moment was all mine. I would not have been there if it weren't for my spontaneous moments, and for that I loved myself.

(7th Image: A glass of Rose` at Sidewalk Cafe Bar)

Bar by Opera House

Extra Information: The hotel I stayed at was called Travelodge Sydney. I booked a whole day excursion on (Discussed on my 2nd entry of Sydney, Australia Excursion)

(8th Image: Seagulls by the harbor)

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