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Melbourne, Australia

As of the year, 2015, I have been inspired to travel. It started when my boss took me to Malaysia for a business trip. Now my soul desires to feel and breathe the air the rest of the world enjoys. I travel to where my heart desires. The mind wanders because you know nothing of this place and you're eager to learn all about it. I was able to score a flight to Australia for $656 on my go to airlines (Hawaiian). You cannot imagine how excited I was. Not only was I meeting my best friend there for a bit, but Australia was on the very top of my list to go to in the world.

(1st Image: Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia)

They have a little carnival next to a beach called Luna Park. The theme seemed to be vintage. It had funny mirrors, a mini roller coaster, merry-go-around, and a two person open seat ferris wheel.

(2nd Image: The creepy entrance to Luna Park)

Check out the jerkys that are available to buy and try. I can't quite say if any were my favorite though. The crocodile was very hard and had a fishy taste to it. The kangaroo was softer but it didn't have a significant "Kangaroo" taste or anything. A local mentioned that the jerkys are hard to come by in the markets. So, we had our eyes peeled for them while shopping in Melbourne's Chinatown. We luckily found it, but in two separate stores. With the jerkys being a little pricey we only bought a couple bags each.

The jerkys were souvenirs for my coworkers and friends back home to try. When I arrived in Auckland, they ask if you have the following meats and I said, "yes" to crocodile jerky. They had to search my luggage and almost confiscated it until I was able to leave NZ. The security said due to the nature of the crocodile being nearly extinct they didn't tolerate it. Luckily she caught that I was only in NZ for a couple days so she let me slide by.

(3rd Image: Kanga & Corc Jerky)

(4th Image: Skinned off the Kangaroo and used as rugs)

There was a store in Melbourne's Chinatown with skinned Kangaroo & Sheep wool. Thought it was a little sad for the Kangaroo but there it was and it was very soft.

The second day in Melbourne we took a tour bus to whats known as the "Great Ocean Road". Stopped at many great places; however, the beaches reminded me too much of Hawaii.

The last stop was the greatest and the reason for this excursion. The "12 Apostles". Such a magnificent view. Pictures and videos would not be able to do justice. It looked like a painting in real life. I didn't know such beautiful place existed. I was very fortunate to have seen this via helicopter too. I cannot explain how wonderful it was but everyone, this is a must see on your tour to Australia.

(5th Image: a selfie at one of the many beaches we stopped at)

(6th Image: 12 Apostles view from in the Heli)

Fun Fact: There are actually 8 Apostles, not 12. There used to be 9 but it fell apart and into the water in 2005.

(7th Image: 12 Apostles)

12 Apostles

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